Our Memory is Incomplete
without your Mind.
Calling semiconductor experts to help us develop technologies
in India that will transform the world.

Because we are serious about what we do

$150+ Billion

Commited Investment over the
next 10 Years


Engineers on board Contributing to
70% of Operation


Commited Hiring over the
3 Years

Bridging Ecosystems through Technological Advancements

Micron is a world leader in innovative memory solutions that transform how the world uses information. For over 40 years, the company has been instrumental to the world’s most significant technology advancements, delivering optimal memory and storage systems for a broad range of applications. It is the only company manufacturing today’s major memory and storage technologies: DRAM, NAND, and NOR technology. With over 40,000 patents, Micron is credited with developing DDR5, the most technologically advanced DRAM to date.

Home Calling!

If you have been looking for the right opportunity to return to India, this is your chance. As India seeks to be a hub of the critically important semiconductor industry, the demand for a qualified workforce with experience in high precision and cutting-edge technologies is on the rise like never before. With working opportunities in India’s major tech hubs - Bangalore and Hyderabad, Micron India brings to you a golden opportunity to get closer to home and have the power to positively influence not millions but billions of lives.

Open positions

  • Hyderabad
    Experience 10+ Years
    Key Skills: Computational Modelling, Semiconductor Process Modelling, COMSOL

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